one small step…

view from Anstruther road

We took Oscar out for his evening walk just as the sun slipped behind the distant hills. The burst yolk of it’s light spread out across the northwest horizon. The cobbler, Ben lomond and the sleeping giant of the campsie fells basked in the burnt orange like they’d been given a standing ovation. I turned around to the south and there behind us in its borrowed light was the moon, a silver penny rising.

This saturday celebrates 50 years since the first human feet stepped onto its surface.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind (sic)

Neil Armstrong

Was how the owner of those feet described the landing.

This week our wee church takes its own first step into the future. On wednesday night we begin the journey of re-shaping our building. The consultants from catch the light are coming to meet with our leadership team. One giant leap of faith towards better reflecting who we are: a parish church. A people who in our ordinaryness and loose ends reflect the burning love of God in the village we belong to. A church shaping itself into a welcome for all. A church where mending touches the hurt that always accumulates around living. A place where the risen Jesus meets us as we are. One small step. A beginning….

…and it’s from the old we travel to the new

keep me travelling along with you…

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