a space to hear and be heard

thoughts shared on sunday…

Blessed are the meek , they will inherit the land…

Blessed are those who trust God with who they are, with the little they know, with the much they don’t know. Blessed are they who meet God where they are and invite him in. They will be given

a place to stand,

A place to grow,

A place to become their true self.

That’s what we thought about meekness on Sunday: the humility to depend on God’s gentle presence –

Not less real than what the day brings

Not less real than what must be faced or waited through.

Blessed are those who make room in their life to trust in God’s gentle power, for they will receive the gift of somewhere to rest, somewhere to shelter, a place to live and grow and become their true self: now and forever.

That happens as we share our lives with God, if we take time and make space to allow God to know us. The depth to which we are willing to share our lives – what matters or hurts, what we love and hope for, is the depth to which we really get to know one another.

Over time we build up trust to know and be known. Why should Knowing God be any different from that? We need to make space and take time to hear and be heard, to be with God. It’s here we will find out who we truly are.

It can be a helpful thing to set aside a time that’s good for you; to set aside a place that’s good for you. The picture above is my space. I come here in the morning to seek the will of God:

The will of God not as a secret

The will of God not as a puzzle

But the will of God that will open up

As I share my life

And live out that day.

So into this space I light a candle and offer who I am.

I name what lies ahead. I remember those in need. I read and listen and then I go and live, because the will of God only unfolds as I live – it’s not known before hand -it’s who I let God shape me into as I seek help, as I love, in whatever happens.

And then I come back to that space and bring what I’ve lived, what I’ve learned, what I got wrong and I discover who I am.

We invited one another to make a space like this in the coming week -let me know about your space and time and how you get on 🙂

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