for all the saints…

Today is all saints day. There is a long tradition of remembering the women and men who lived, loved, suffered and rejoiced to find in their days the shape of Christ happening to, in and around them. It goes back to the 4th century and the 1st of November was recognized as the day of remembering some 4 hundred years later. And here we are in the 21st century, trying in our own time and way to let Christ happen in us.

Not easy is it. But those before us are not beyond us. They form a cloud of faithful witness. Encouraging us on. Praying for us as we go- thank God.

Who do you remember today as someone who helped you recognize the reality of Jesus?

lets take time today to remember someone we’ve known, or whose life and work has become important to our own journey of faith, hope and love. For we know the rough terrain it passes and sometimes the soles of our feet get tired and our souls get winded. But the saints keep us in their prayers.

today I will imagine them singing of the mystery that finds us in Jesus. The mystery of Jesus finding us…

O great mystery

and wonderful sacrament

that the animals should see the newborn Lord,

laying in a manger!

Blessed is the virgin whose womb was worthy

to bear the Lord Jesus Christ


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