day 2…let sleeping dogs lie

Oscar auditioning for a part in the nativity

So I’m asking myself. Where are the sleeping dogs I don’t usually rouse?





all soothing to sleep the parts of myself I don’t want to confront. All part of the self-conspiracy that disguises habit as liberty, compulsion as freedom. The conceit of hiding who we are behind who we seem to be – that’s not always a deliberate self deceit, because who we are is a complex puzzle of pieces that are not quickly or easily put together.

Is lent a hopeful way of putting together those pieces? Giving shape to a life that is much more than we allow it to be?

lent is a hopeful journey where we take time to put together pieces, or take away ones that don’t fit, until we find the picture of our life and God’s life, in and around us, is way bigger and more surprising that the one we settled for.

Contrary to what many think or feel, a period of spiritual endeavour is a time of joy…when we shake off all that is worn and dead in us in order to became able to live, and to live with all the vastness, all the depth and all the intensity to which we are called.”

Metrapolitan Anthony bloom

Where are your sleeping dogs? Is it time to wake them up? Where are your pieces piled up? Is there a way to piece them together? Do some of them not fit?

Who is God shaping you into: with all the vastness, all the depth and all the intensity to which we are called to live.”

Lent is not good-night.

Lent is more good-morning.

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