Day 11…going for a song

King Creosote

So we are hurtling through a wet west Lothian, past a landscape that today you could describe as dreich, because that’s just what it is- dreich; like 50 shades of grey in a meteorological sense.

But we are on a train that’s half empty, and we are not so wet that our damp clothes start to steam, like the witch in the wizard of Oz, after a bucket of water is thrown over her.

And we are on our way to See King Creosote at Edinburgh’s Usher hall. A night away in the capital to hear something beautiful. What a gift. When did you last receive a gift? When did you last offer a gift to someone?

What’s the best gift you were ever given? Was it something that put you in touch with your own life as a gift?

What was the gift that cost you most to give? I wonder, did it involve giving something of yourself, as kindness, as forgiveness, as poised attention willing to remain and listen, to the song of someone’s sorrow, a song of lost joy, the song of helplessness which you caught the melody of, and sang along?

I love song writing. But the life we live, is it’s own song. No one else can sing it.

Right I need to stop as the train is shuggling into the station and it’s time to join the capitals cacophony for the evening.

3 thoughts on “Day 11…going for a song

    1. It was Campbell. It was called from Scotland with love, and the music is set to old footage from Scotland throughout the 20th century, of ordinary people’s lives. It might still be on bbc I player. Worth a watch.


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