day 22…all things pass away

I missed a days post yesterday when the world changed:

No Sunday worship
No use of the church building for funerals
No general assembly 

A single day and nothing was quite the same. The world we took for granted suddenly altered, like someone you’ve always known, suddenly reveals about themselves something you weren’t prepared for.

words…words…words…if you follow any social media then I imagine already you are scrolling past more words than are helpful to take in.

I’m not going to add too much to ticker-tape of information that leaves you less and less willing to read on. But there are some words worth listening to. And this morning I’m thinking of St Theresa of Avila, whose words are a prayer for the changed face of our world:

Let nothing disturb you
Let nothing distress
While all things pass away
God is unchanging
Be Patient for with God in your heart
Nothing is lacking
God is enough

These are words worth travelling with a while

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