day 24…never alone

Tomorrow our wee church gets together 
in a whole new way. 
I'll be posting on Facebook and on the web site 
something for us to reflect on: 
story, song, poetry, letters, good news - 
allowing the Holy Spirit
to open up our lives to the presence of God - 
the same as any Sunday.

The same but different. 
How that's done I'm sure it develop 
over the weeks we cannot meet together. 

In Jesus God has dirt under his finger nails. 
He thirsts and hungers, laughs and cries. 
He knows friendship and loneliness. 
He brings others home to themselves, 
as the beloved gift they truly are.

Where was he found? 
Among people who were isolated and couldn't be touched, 
the lepers, cast offs, bleeders, ignored and forgotten.
That's where he still wants to be. That's where he is. Always.

I wrote this song some time ago now, 
accompanied by 3 gifted friends, 
to try catch a glimpse of him passing this way. See you tomorrow @ 11:00.

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