day 27…may the saints and angels…

Stanley Spencer
Yesterday folks found ways of worshiping
that were largely untried and rarely imagined 
in the way are church.  

Was it just a wee gaggle of people
desperately doing their own thing, 
hanging out their Sunday best
on the cyber washing line?

I wonder if we 
(particularly Presbyterians)
need to widen our spiritual imagination:
look up - see who you are worshiping with.

What we sing and pray and recite
 flies like a little bird
to and from the cracks of our hearts nest;
but where does our fledgling praise fly to?
The little bird of our worship
carries us into the worship we can't see...

...with the saints and angels 
in the nearer presence of God.
We don't create worship here
so much as we join in with the true worship there.

If we think of worship there
as some holy individuals, or crowd
surrounding a bigger, superior individual 
then our spiritual imagination needs to grow.

The saints and angels are persons endlessly travelling 
into God's knowing them,
a personal knowing 
that endlessly gives of itself to the saints and angels
as they know God as they are known:
a knowing that never comes to an end.

Worship is a wonder and mystery 
with the everlasting pulse of love 
running through it all.

When we meet to worship
however we manage to do that
whether alone, one or two of us
or with the help of technology,
we become part of the worship 
that in the nearer presence of God 
is endless, blissful joy.  

As we find new ways of worshiping together 
May our spiritual imagination 
look up 
and on that journey 
May the saints and angels watch over you...

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