day 28…time will tell

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What are you doing with your time?
Got a fair bit more on your hands lately? 

The first time pieces in Europe were created
to help those following a monastic way,
time would tell them to make a space to meet with God
at different points in the day:

Morning prayer (Lauds)
Midday prayer
Evening prayer (Vespers)
night prayer (compline)

time beat a rhythm for prayer, song, work, eating, rest.
Time was in the service of meeting with God. 

Then merchants and business took over the clock
and well, we know what time became...
But for who knows how long
many of us have the chance to befriend time in a different way. 

From tomorrow morning I will make a space on face book live 
for morning and evening prayers,
offering what we are living to the presence of God.
Morning prayers will be @ 9:30 am and evening prayers @ 9:30 pm. 
There will be a short meditation then a prayer. 

A simple reclamation of time for the company of God.

I went to see Gregory Alan Isakov @ St Luke's last year. 
Below is a beautiful song about time. 

2 thoughts on “day 28…time will tell

    1. We all have a wee fish and barley loaf to offer at this time. And God happens in the sharing of what we have. Take care my friend


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