day 29…the God I believe in

Photo credit: duncan on / CC BY-NC
What is becoming more and more important to me?
Being known by God. 
It's not that I have to struggle to discover God,
But that I am invited into his knowing of me. 

That's what I hear
in these words of Cistertian Monk, Thomas Merton:

"Our freedom from the prison 
of our own illusions
comes in realizing that in the end 
everything is gift.
Above all we ourselves are gifts
that we first must accept
before we can become who we are
by returning who we are to the Father."

Isn't that exactly what we see Jesus live out? 
God wills us to discover who we are
in his knowing of us - 
remembering that in scripture
to know is a shared intimacy. 

Who is the God that knows us?
I trust it's the God Rowan Williams describes
that he believes in:

"God is not an item in the universe,
not a being among others. 
The energy, action and intelligence of love
that saturates everything,
sustains everything, 
moment by moment.
Always in the depth of every situation
capable of turning things round
and making a difference - 
precisely because God is not 
just part of the system,
but the context of it all."

Lets discover the gift of who we are
that is embedded in our being,
uniquely know by God
and therefore not threatened 
by anyone else's being.

What does that mean?
Our doing never has to compete -
we are already fully known
by a love that never ends.  


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