so I don't think I got beyond day 34...
I feel a bit like Lucy, finding herself  at the back of a wardrobe,
where she thought she was simply playing among old fur coats,
only to find her feet walking on snow in another world. 

For now church has walked through a door
into another world of practice: 
the foreign place of social media, videotography,
morning and evening prayers live on face book,
this has become home. 

How we inhabit church,
How we care for one another
the way we can say goodbye 
is a door into a world unrecognizable
from what we've known before. 

Come Monday I'll be joining the chaplaincy team
at the Louisa Jordan hospital in Glasgow,
working two days a week. 
So I'm not sue when I'll get back here regularly. 

until I do, 
this is what I'm travelling with this Easter.

The whole direction of reality 
is about the Fathers love for the Son
and the Son's love for the Father, 
and everything that is, is an emanation of that love,
a redemption towards that love,
a joyful participation in that love
which as we give ourselves to it
makes us more ourselves and not less. 

I can only joyfully discover who I am
when who I am is completely given over to that love -
this the losing of ourselves to find ourselves,
that allows talk of love being stronger than death
to be more than just fanciful rhetoric,
but the blissful truth it actually is. 

Keep well everyone. 
Go in the knowledge you are known by God
and God can only know by loving. 

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